Now Reiki

Experience Now Reiki with the following music videos:

Now Reiki New Beginning Meditation:

Grounding video preview of the second Now Reiki Meditation:

Seven Chakra Activation Meditation

Transformation Meditation preview:

Attunement Meditation:

Listen to the Now Reiki Meditations on Bandcamp

now reiki book cover

Now Reiki Manual

Universal Energy and the Stillness of Now

--complete ebundle features:

Five Music Meditations including:

Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Transformation Music Meditation

New Beginning Music Meditation

Attunement Music Meditation

Grounding Music Meditation

Now Reiki Master Certificate

Download the entire ebundle for $19.95 here.

Includes book in pdf format and mp3 meditations.

The complete audio course is available in a 2-CD set at:
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